Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Autumn along the Trail

Hiking on the North Country/Buckeye Trail
in Henry County, Ohio
I love to hike on the trail in the Fall ! The Kaleidoscope of fall colors is all around and seems to be more vivid when the sun's rays illuminate the beautiful gold, amber, orange and red hues. As each day passes, it becomes a new and different spectacle to behold. As I walk along, my skin beeks in the warming yet waning sun of this fine October afternoon. It warms the morning chill off the crisp air, as it continues its perennial journey closer to the the southern horizon. Leaves crunch under foot as I walk, and the gentle afternoon breezes swirl among the trees, cascading many leaves through the air as they float to the ground.

Florida Spillway
The cooler temperatures make hiking enjoyable, and the small animals are more active. Squirrels scurry about with their Herkey-Jerkey movements as they work to gather food for their long winter's rest. The flocks of Canadian Geese gather in the wetlands along the canal as they take a brief respite from their long journey south for winter. Listening to their honking as they fly south in their V-Shaped formation overhead is a special treat I love to watch. 
Beautifull Fall Foilage

I enjoy my hike, for I know that it won't be long until all the leaves have fallen, and the giant trees have yielded to Winter's Silent Slumber. Occasionally the scent of burning leaves drifts by. It is a familiar scent this time of year. It makes me think of crisp juicy apples and fresh-squeezed cider for which their was ample bounty this year! I will remember this day as a gem, and as the days continue to get shorter as we coast into the holiday season, I will have this day to remember throughout the long cold winter ahead.