Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Butterflies on the Trail

The afternoon is oppressively warm and sultry; the air heavy with moisture- such as this late summer afternoon in August. The sun drentches my skin as I walk along the trail. There- up ahead in the shaded canopy of the giant trees- I  stop for a sip of water to quench my thirst and my parched disposition; a refreshing hydration. I wipe away the sweat from my brow. As I regain my composure from the exertion of walking in this heat, I gaze about.

Near the trail I see a small flower garden. In the flower garden are many beautiful annuals in full bloom. In all that blooming bounty, my view is filled with a sea of color as I marvel at all the beauty. In my admiration of all the floral wonders, I can't help but notice a visitor fluttering amongst all the fauna. I could tell the butterfly was excited to have found this delightful garden. She excitedly fluttered and floated from flower to flower. As she did, she feasted on the sweet nectar that each one had to offer. Landing on one flower and sampling it, then fluttering in indecision as she finally chose the next, and the next- a butterfly buffet!

Eventually she had received her fill, and decided to move on. What a treat to have shared a few brief moments with this visitor. I can't help but wonder if she so noticed my presence, as I noticed hers. I suspect not, but I cannot begin to know the cognitive nature of my fluttering friend. In any case, I reflected on my enigmatic encounter with this strange creature as I continued my late summer hike. Such a beautiful butterfly as I watched her flutter by.